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Jumpy Rope

Endless Arcade Jumper

Pepper, Roxy and Hamlet are on a quest to become explorers of floating island worlds! Jump the rope as much as you can, and challenge your friends!

Unlock three, fantasticly cute chracters!

  • Pepper, the adventurous lady!
  • Hamlet, the bouncing cat!
  • Roxy, the unimpressed bunny!

Discover new floating island to play in, including the beach, the forest, the graveyard (wooo spooky!), and many more!

Platforms: iOS Android   Price: FREE

Strategy, Dominion and Tactics

Super Stems is a strategy game in which you have to place your tiles carefully in order to conquer the board. Each tile has tree sides with different values. Higher values win, and will capture the opponent tile. Beware of chain reactions!
Platforms: iOS Android   Price: FREE

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Memory game for children all ages!

Memtiles Kids is an educational, memory puzzle game that contains 180 different levels with four unique themes to discover! You can choose from Colors, Numbers, Shapes and Animals!

In each level, memorize the grid and then try to find the matching pairs!

"MemTiles Kids is a fun and well put together matching game that provides a nice level of variety and the unlocking helps create an incentive to keep playing."IndieGameMag
Platforms: iOS Android   Price: FREE
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